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Administrative bodies

Executive Board

The Executive Board (ExBo) responsible for policy, decision-making and arbitration, is composed by the Coordinator and the Workpackage Leaders. The ExBo decides on political and strategic orientation of the Project, the execution of the Activity Plan and the budget and the financial allocation of the EU contribution to the different activities, should any deviation from the original planning occur. ExBo represents the network management level where decisions are made and all activities are coordinated.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (StCo) for research strategy is composed of representatives of the partnering organizations of the InnovCrete project. The Secretariat General of the Region of Crete, the rector of the University of Crete and a distinguished European scientist, Prof. S. Gamblin (MRC National Institute for Medical Research), were also convinced to participate in order to ensure synergies with regional/ national policies and European programmes and to enhance the responsiveness of the project to regional development needs. StCo will contribute to the sustainability of the Action Plan, follow and critically evaluate the progress and scientific quality of the work carried out by the consortium. StCo will review the project once a year in the framework of SciBo coordination meetings and will contribute to the report on the project’s progress.


The Coordinator, Prof. Michael Kokkinidis, is the interface between the consortium and the Commission, is responsible for editing and submitting the regular reports and cost statements, and is in steady contact with the WPLs, thus having a clear insight into the progress of the project at any moment.

Workpackage Leaders

Workpackage Leaders (WPL) are responsible for closely monitoring the deliverables of the individual WPs, the progress of the tasks, the encountered problems, and report periodically on the status of the WPs to the coordinator. WPLs will suggest any action at any moment of the project, which might improve efficiency and quality of the planned actions. They will also notify about any problems inside the WP and suggest individual actions/contingency plans (e.g. re-grouping of resources, prioritising activities, re- allocating financial support) to solve such problems, whenever this might be requested.