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  • image could not be loaded  System for X-ray Diffraction Data Collection from Single Crystals of Biological Macromolecuels [Model D8 Quest Bruker AXS]
  • image could not be loaded  Confocal Microscopy System - Leica TCS SP8 + DFC 365 FX
  • Inverted Microscope – Leica DM IL LED + DFC310 FX
  • image could not be loaded  Stereoscope – Leica S6 D
  • image could not be loaded  System for Determining Proteins’ Absolute Molecular Weight [WYATT Technology Corportaion, USA & SHIMADZU Deutschland GmbH]
  • image could not be loaded  SARTUS/SEEC Microscope (Surface Enhancement Ellipsometric Contrast) [Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmBH
  • Liquid Chromatography System for Biological Macromolecules [GE Healthcare-Sweden]
  • image could not be loaded  System for Robotic Crystallization of Biological Macromolecules [Douglas Instruments Ltd, UK]
  • Computers / Servers

In order to book the use of any of the equipment, follow this link.