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Team Members

Postdoctoral Researchers

  • image could not be loaded  Maria Amprazi: Protein Crystallography/ Electron Microscopy/ Circular Dichroism
  • image could not be loaded  Meropi Mari: Biomedical Imaging
  • image could not be loaded  Margarita-Antonia Stapountzi: Imaging, FRAP
  • Minas Theodorakis: Functioning Crystallography Equipment and Structural Biocomputing
  • Achilleas Tsortos: Physicochemical Characterization of Macromolecules
  • image could not be loaded  Eustratios Mylonas: SAXS
  • image could not be loaded  George Eustathiou: Mass Spectrometry
  • image could not be loaded  Vassilis Koutsouridis: Molecular Modelling/Biocomputing/Drug Design

Past Members

  • image could not be loaded  Katerina Rousaki: IP, Structural Molecular Biology
  • image could not be loaded  Iosifina Sarrou: Membrane Protein Crystallography
  • image could not be loaded  Radosav Pantelic: FELs
  • image could not be loaded  Pavlos Pavlidis: Molecular Modelling/Biocomputing/Drug Design


  • Georgia Choulaki, Events/Conferences Organization
  • Rodanthi Lasithiotaki, Communication/Intellectual Property

Visiting Scientists